What's the Best Time of Day for Your Workout?

The Doctors

Does a morning run or an afternoon run make more of an impact on your health? The Doctors reveal if what time of day you exercise matters.

The New York Times reports for some people when they exercise makes a difference. According to a study published by The Physiological Society, men who were at high risk for Type 2 diabetes and worked out in the afternoon improved their metabolic health more than those who exercised in the morning.

Another study from 2019 found that men with Type 2 diabetes who took part in high-intensity interval sessions during the afternoon also had better blood-sugar control, compared to those who took part in high-intensity in the morning, which actually saw a spike in blood sugar levels.

Dr. Patrick Schrauwen from Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands looked at how moderate exercise helped those people dealing with Type 2 diabetes and reportedly discovered "the benefits of afternoon workouts decisively trumped those of morning exercise" with those who worked out later in the day had significantly better average insulin sensitivity, greater ability to control blood sugar, and lost more fat from their midsections.  

“I believe that doing exercise is better than not doing exercise, irrespective of timing. However, this study does suggest that afternoon exercise may be more beneficial” Dr. Schrauwen told the NYT.

At the end of the day, any exercise any time of the day is helpful and Dr. Schrauwen stresses that people should strive to find the time of the day that best fits their lifestyle and says what matters most is being consistent in staying active.

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