What Is Uncombable Hair Syndrome?!

Playing What Is Causing Child’s Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Many parents know the difficulty of combing through their kid's knotty hair, but one mother truly can't tame her child's hair due to a rare genetic disease. Cara's baby, Taylor, at 5 months old started sprouting tufts of blonde fluffy hair. When her baby hair didn't start to fall out, Cara got concerned. It turns out both Cara and her husband are carriers of the mutated gene PADI3.

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PADI3 is a gene that causes hair to not grow downward but rather out from the scalp in multiple directions and it cannot be combed flat. When Taylor was first diagnosed with uncontrollable hair syndrome (UHS) Cara was devastated. She worried about Taylor's emotional health and wellbeing in the future. Taylor decided to create the Baby Einstein 2.0 Facebook page, to share Taylor's story in hopes of her avoiding bullying. 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon points out that Einstein was rumored to also have had UHS. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra further explains that with a UHS diagnosis, the hair follicles are either triangular or kidney-shaped, and there is a structural change to the hair shaft. This is why there is no way to get the hair to lie flat. Using chemical treatments, products, or brushing excessively is so much more damaging to this fragile hair that doing so will cause it to break and result in further problems.

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The issue is seen much more in small children and it is usually diagnosed between 3-12 months. Dr. Batra notes that in many kids, it does get better in puberty. In the meantime, she suggests Taylor may want to take oral biotin, which is a B vitamin, that structurally can improve the hair follicles. Using sulfate-free, really gentle products as well, is the best way to wash Taylor's hair.


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