What is Toega?!

Playing High Heel Lovers – Should You Try Yoga for Your Toes?

Toega is yoga… for your toes! Toega expert Nicole Sciacca joins The Doctors to explain why toega is a good idea. “It’s mostly about intrinsic foot strength and getting attention and blood flow into the feet, paying attention to that because everything starts from the ground up,” Nicole says.

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Wondering how it’s done? Nicole and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra get up and test out some exercises like a toe push-up and a toe chop. Nicole asks viewers to take notice of what their hands do because, on the critical mapping of the brain, the hand and feet are next to each other. Often, people will start to point their fingers at their toes when they want them to work!

Toes are lifting, curling, and while Dr. Batra figures it out, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork jumps in and says he’s unable to do it! He wants to know if there is anything he could do as a toega novice. Nicole suggests wearing toe spreaders, like the ones you are given when you get a pedicure. 

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Nicole shares that she had nerve damage in her foot and the more she’s done toega, the stronger she has gotten over all. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says this makes sense to him. “We know how great yoga is for other parts of the body… women wearing tight shoes, high-heels, that wreaks havoc on your toes!” Dr. Travis agrees, pointing out that your feet are at the base of everything. Even low back problems can start there. The Doctors give it a buzz, so why not give toega a try! Check out the video above to see exactly how to do Nicole’s toega moves.