What to Do If a Service Dog Approaches You

Playing What To Do If a Service Dog Approaches You

The Doctors share the story of a woman and her service dog, Raider, that should serve as a PSA if you're ever approached by a service dog. Tessa has epilepsy and Raider is trained to alert people if she is having a seizure. When Tessa tripped and fell at the mall Raider sprang into action but he was mostly ignored or shooed away. Luckily, Tessa wasn't having a seizure but this should be a lesson to pay attention to service dogs coming your way!

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If a dog seems to be altering you, and it seems safe and appropriate, follow the dog to his or her owner, who may need someone to call 911. Service dogs are trained for many things, not just seizures, so shooing one away, theoretically, could cost someone their life!

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The Doctors discuss the differences between true service dogs and companion dogs. The service ones have a job to do so you don't want to feed them or distract them while they are working. Always ask before petting but if they come looking for you, see how you could be of service to them!

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