What to Always Buy at a Dollar Store!

Playing Power Shopping Secrets with the ‘Krazy Coupon Lady’

Everyone loves to save when shopping, but are there items that you should always purchase at a discount store? The “Krazy Coupon Lady” Joanie Demer joins The Doctors to share her shopping secrets to make you a power shopper!

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What to ALWAYS buy at a dollar store: Joanie says good dollar store buys are items like turkey bacon and sandwich bread, as it will cost much less here than at the supermarket. Also, fresh fruit and vegetables are available at the dollar store. 

What to NOT buy during Black Friday: The “Krazy Coupon Lady” says skip buying HDTVs and bedding during the post-Thanksgiving sale, as they are usually cheaper other times in the year.

Things to NEVER buy online: Joanie says to keep toothpaste and razors out of your online shopping cart as they are usually the subject of coupons and in-store discounts.

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