What the Heck Is the Snake Diet?!

Playing Can the Prolonged Fasting ‘Snake Diet’ Help You Lose Weight?

The Doctors meet Cole Robinson, the creator of the Snake Diet. He is passionate about his prolonged fasting focused lifestyle program. How does it work? Cole says you “Fast as long as you f***ng can; not hours, but days, weeks, and f***ing months!” He adds that “If you’re fat, you don’t need to f***ing eat!” He says by drinking “snake juice” which is just water with salt, it will keep electrolytes up so that you can fast for a long time and lose a ton of weight.

Cole believes overweight people don’t need food because they have all the calories they need in their guts. He exclaims, “Fat people cannot starve!” He believes that there is nutrition in their fat and compares it to how grizzly bears eat all summer and then hibernate after. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry jumps in, “But we’re not bears!”

Cole says he got ripped abs after doing the fast for ten days. Cole claims this his diet melted down a woman’s brain tumor and he also used it to beat his herpes. The Doctors interject that his diet did neither of those things!

Dr. Jedidiah Ballard tells Cole, “You are confident, you’re well-spoken, you’re charismatic. If I didn’t have an exercise science degree, a medical degree, and 20 years of intensive self-study, I would personally believe you. But what you are telling people is bullsh*t and it’s not safe!”

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Cole argues that the mainstream way of cutting calories and eating multiple meals a day spikes insulin all day long which is the biggest promoter of inflammation. Dr. Melina Jampolis says she agrees, insulin is a major problem, but this is NOT the right way to control it.

Dr. Landry asks Cole if he has done any studies to back up his claims. Cole says his Facebook group which has over 200,000 people on it is a good enough study when people are losing 30 – 50 pounds per month. The Doctors point out a comment on his Facebook from a woman who says she developed seizures on his diet and Cole claims, “The post is fake,” and says he has so many “haters.”

Dr. Landry asks if someone starts eating this way at around age 25, what is the long-term plan? Cole says "fat people" need to be in fasting forced ketosis. After someone overweight fasts hardcore and gets his weight down and is lean then they can go back to a higher eating frequency for one meal a day.

Dr. Landry tells Cole that while they appreciate his passion for the obesity epidemic, and they all want to get to the same point of healthier individuals, they have very different ideas on how to get there. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon adds we do want to address the obesity crisis but want to do it in a safe medical way. The Doctors don’t want people getting into other medical problems along the way.