What the Heck Are Serial Poopers?

Playing Do Serial Poopers Actually Have a Health Condition?

There seems to be a new trend that really stinks! All over the country stories of serial poopers making bowel movements outside of restrooms are surfacing. There was the Colorado Mad Pooper who defecated in front yards during her morning jog and the Bowel Movement Bandit in Illinois who left stools in the washing machines of college dorms! The Doctors discuss if there have always been people who act this way but now social media is bringing it to our attention or if it’s actually contributing to the rise in serial poopers!

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Psychology experts say these people may not have control over their urges if they have a condition called elimination disorder, which is marked by the inappropriate passage of feces. Others say these “poopetrators” are attention seeking which could be a result of narcissistic personality disorder. 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says it could be that this has always been but now everyone has a camera to catch it. He says that poopetrators are more likely to be people with mental disorders like narcissistic personality or OCD but he also thinks today’s society is breeding more people to be narcissistic. 

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra thinks while this problem has existed in the past it is on the rise. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork jokingly says he hopes we don’t get to the point that people walk outside with both poop bags for their dogs and themselves! He adds that defecating in places meant to be clean can spread bacteria which could lead to serious illness outbreaks so please go in the toilet only!  

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