What Is This Facial Discoloration?!

Playing Can Woman’s Facial Pigmentation Be Treated?

Vanessa sent The Doctors a video looking for some answers on the skin pigmentation on the right side of her face. Vanessa says it appeared at around 10 years old and it’s only on one side of her face with an almost distinct line down the middle of her face. She says it makes her feel super insecure.

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra explains what Vanessa has isn’t just discoloration but it’s likely speckled lentiginous nevus which is a pigmented birthmark. It can occur as early as age 2 or like it has in Vanessa’s case, by age 10. Pigmented cells migrated in and occupy the skin which is why there is a distinct developmental line.

Vanessa has tried fading creams as well as other lightening products but because it’s probably genetic, those won’t work for long term fixes. This is part of Vanessa’s genetic makeup and Dr. Batra thinks it is more important for her to focus on protecting it from the sun. Just like moles, these pigmented cells can sometimes turn dangerous over time.

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The Doctors discuss that while this may be difficult for Vanessa to accept, it’s things like birthmarks that makes all individuals unique. There is a trend in beauty right now where people are embracing their unique genetic attributes and Dr. Batra says Vanessa’s is beautiful on her, even if she has yet to embrace it.

“Some of the most beautiful women in the world are distinctive…they have some defining feature and that’s what makes them striking,” says Dr. Batra. 

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