What Does the Color of Your Urine Say About Your Health?

Playing Green, Dark Orange and Milky White Urine Explained!

Have you ever checked the color of your urine and thought, "something's not right"? Well, if it's a different color than usual, you may be correct! The Doctors share an image of a man's urine which after surgery due to a car accident, was green! It turns out the IV infusion of the drug Propofol was the cause. Doctors notified other medical professionals of this rare side effect of the drug.  

The Doctors spin "The Wheel of Urine" to share some other instances where an odd urine color could be a sign of trouble!

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Dark Yellow
This could be a sign of dehydration. If your urine gets yellower and yellower, it's likely more concentrated, and if you hydrate, it will become less dark. If not, and your urine is always dark, it's something to get checked out by a doctor.

If there is blood and some pain it can be a sign of a UTI. If the urine is red and looks like blood but you are otherwise asymptomatic, it could be a sign of cancer. Other non-blood related reasons your urine could be red are certain foods, like berries or beets, or medications. Kidney stones could also cause red urine.

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Orange to Dark Orange
This could be a sign of liver malfunction, especially if it's associated with light-colored stools. The liver is involved in filtration and breaking down metabolites in the body and if it's not working properly, those metabolites will get into the urine causing discoloration.

Again, this could be a sign of a UTI. If it's more milky, thicker, especially at the start of a stream, it could be a sign of an STI. White blood cells are a sign of an infection so if your urine is white, don't ignore it!

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