What Calf Pain, Eyelid Twitches, & Red Itchy Skin Could Be a Sign Of

calf pain

Is your body trying to tell you something more about your health? Learn why your calf is cramping, your eyelid suddenly twitches, why you might be developing red and itchy skin, and more.

MarthaStewart.com spoke to experts about these common health issues and they explain what the symptoms might mean for your overall health and wellness.

Sudden and Painful Leg Cramps: Getting a charley horse is likely due to dehydration. Physical therapist Craig Kann explains, "This causes an electrolyte imbalance in muscles, and they react by spasming." To treat the issue: drink water (with electrolytes like magnesium, chloride, potassium, and calcium), massage the calf, stretch, and apply heat.

Twitching Eyelids: This can occur when someone is stressed, has not slept enough, or consumed too much caffeine. The experts suggest making sure to get adequate sleep, routine exercise, and make time for a mindfulness practice like meditation or deep breathing. Also, try massaging your eyelids or applying a warm compress. If the twitching continues for an extended period of time, see your doctor.

Itchy, Flaky, and Red Patches of Skin: Skin issues like this can be related to a slew of issues like stress or having dry skin, and even diet or hormones. Integrative-health physician Dr. Taz Bhatia says, "Look at your diet to see if your nutritional chemistry is off. Are you getting enough healthy fats and protein? Eating too many high-sugar or processed foods?" If you are eating a healthy diet and the issue is persisting, the experts suggest speaking to your doctor.

Persistent Watery Eyes: Eyes that water usually means they are too dry, possibly from looking at a screen for too long, environmental elements, or maybe even due to age-related hormone changes. The experts suggest using artificial tears to help moisten your eyes and making sure to take plenty of breaks from screens.

Ridged Fingernails: If your nails have vertical bumps, this might be linked to your manicure, but could also be due to nail dehydration. "Nails start out as living cells. When they get dehydrated, that changes the way they grow, and ridges form," dermatologist Dr. Kavita Mariwalla explains. Also, the experts suggest using a rich moisturizer on your cuticles every day to seal in hydration and to prevent future ridging. Also, artificial nails, gel manicures, buffing, and soaking in removers containing acetone can also cause this issue, and the experts suggest avoiding them when possible.

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