Wastewater Beer and Beaver Secretion Bourbon!?

Playing Would You Drink Beer Made from Waste Water?

The Doctors are taste-testing some of the most outlandish beverages including a beer made from recycled wastewater and bourbon made with a natural secretion from a beaver.

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The Doctors explain it can take up to 20 gallons to produce just one pint of beer, but one company had this unique solution, they use recycled wastewater. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks the audience if they would sip this beer and the majority say, "No."

The wastewater beer is filtered through a microbiological and ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis is used to clean the water -- along with exposing it to ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria which may be present. 

Dr. Travis says the beer smells good and The Doctors give it a taste. and, surprisingly, they approve of the unique beverage.

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Beer made from recycled water might be OK with our hosts, but what about a bourbon flavored with a beaver secretion? Find out what our brave Doctors think of this usual alcohol in the video above!


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