Warning against Viral 'Princess Diet'

Playing Dangerous New Viral ‘Princess Diet’

The Doctors are issuing a warning against the “princess diet,” which aims to create a body like a cartoon princess.

They explain that according to viral materials circulating online a person’s “princess weight” is found by taking your height in meters, squaring it and then multiplying it by 18, and the diet aims for a body mass index of 18. The Doctors note that this BMI is deemed underweight.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry notes that many reported aspects of the "diet" -- which is not sanctioned by any cartoon company -- are very disturbing, like on the “Snow White Day” the diet says to only eat 3 to 6 apples, on the “Cinderella Day” you only eat 500 calories before noon, on the “Ariel Day” only water is consumed, and on the “Rapunzel Day” you only eat 500 calories and also a spoonful of honey.

“It’s dangerous!” Dr. Nita says. “It is a starvation diet… it’s a serious issue.”

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The Doctors also note that aspiring to look like a cartoon could be very unhealthy and is nearly impossible for most people to achieve.

“You have to talk to your kids and make sure they realize how dangerous this behavior is,” ER physician Dr. Travis says. “The absolute worst way to get to [a] healthy body is [with] starvation. It’s the last thing you should ever do. You can die and it’s not effective.”