Wait Until You See The Results of This Woman's Skin Removal Surgery After Her 220 Pound Weight Loss!

Playing Woman’s Amazing Skin Removal Surgery after Losing 220 Pounds!

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Last season The Doctors met Erika who dropped an amazing 220 pounds all on her own. At only 18 years old, Erika was in an abusive relationship, and was diagnosed with a host of diseases including pre-asthma, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, pre-hypothyroidism. At nearly 400 pounds Erika knew she needed to make a change.

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After her weight loss, Erika had tons of excess skin left on her body. The Doctors sent her to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Emil Kohan for her skin removal and body reconstruction surgery. Dr. Kohan invites viewers into his surgical room to watch Erika’s procedure. Dr. Kohan says that “With this amount of weight loss, a standard tummy tuck alone is not enough to get rid of all that skin.”

Just a few months after, both Dr. Kohan and Erika join The Doctors to show off the amazing results! Dr. Kohan shares that he was able to remove almost 10 pounds of skin as well as tighten her muscles and give her shape. Dr. Kohan points out that with any big surgery, there are complications, which is why they talked about staging things. Next up for the pair? Dr. Kohan will be performing Erika’s thigh lift and arm lift.

The Doctors then discuss with Erika the emotional after-effects of a massive transformation such as hers. Erika shares that the first 2-3 weeks after the surgery were the hardest. She says that her anxiety and depression, which she hadn't experienced since before her weight loss, came back after her surgery. Dr. Kohan encouraged her to seek help.

After speaking to her doctor, she learned that these emotions are normal after going through a life-changing transformation. She is now using running again as an emotional outlet.

The Doctors bring psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow into the conversation to further discuss the topic. Dr. Orden and Dr. Dow agree that eliminating loose skin goes hand in hand with a common psychological issue of after weight-loss people feeling locked into their old bodies.

Dr. Dow offers Erika eight free sessions to work on her mind and the emotional side of her transformation. Dr. Dow reminds viewers that inner beauty is just as important as outer. To further allow Erika to enjoy her new body and life, The Doctors gift Erika a certificate for Mei L’ange swimwear and Brooks Running. Erika leaves viewers and her 21-year-old self with this message, “Life is so beautiful. There is so much out there. Live it to the fullest. No regrets.”