Vivica A. Fox Shares Her Tips for Success

Playing Vivica A. Fox’s Tips on Building Your Empire

Actress Vivica A. Fox, who penned the memoir "Every Day I'm Hustling," joins The Doctors to share her tips for success.

"My book lets people know that they can go gracefully into different chapters of their life because that is what life is about... living, loving, laughing," she says.

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She says that having clear ideas about what your success is and looks like will help you as you pursue it.

"You've got to know when something is meant for you so that absolutely no one else can take it away. And that if somethings don't work out, they don't work out for a reason, and that's with jobs and love," she tells The Doctors, explaining that stumbling along the way is normal. "I had to learn how to walk away with my head held high and to love myself and to know that I'm worthy."

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Vivica says over the course of her long career she has also received important advice from co-stars like Uma Thurman.

"I had to learn when to have my claws out and when to pull them back in," she says of Uma's advice, explaining that the fellow actress told her, "Learn when to get out of your own way."

She adds, "Now finally being a grown woman, I know when to pump the brakes. I've definitely learned to listen a lot more... and to be more considerate of others."

Vivica also offers some sage advice to up-and-comers thinking about pursuing acting, saying, "There are no shortcuts to success, do the work. If someone is offering you a shortcut, you're probably going to regret it."