‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Katie Maloney-Schwartz Opens Up About Near-Death Fall

Playing ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star’s Near-Death Experience

“Vanderpump Rules” fans saw Katie Maloney-Schwartz open up this season about her near-death experience when she fell through a skylight and she details her brush with death with The Doctors – an incident she says almost caused her to not appear on the hit Bravo reality series.

She recounts the night of her fall explaining she was taking a picture on a roof while enjoying some wine. She says she felt the skylight “dip in” and then the skylight broke. She says she plunged 25 feet hitting a staircase and the handrail. She says she awoke in the hospital where she learned she had a broken jaw, broken collarbone, and multiple broken ribs. She also sustained a brain injury. After the accident, she had her jaw wired shut for 6 weeks and needed help with things like bathing.

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Looking back, she says she was able to heal from the psychical injuries, but the emotional and psychological effects of the accident have been harder to deal with.

“Life is really awesome and really short. So tell the people in your life that you love them, do what makes you happy. Live a full and complete life,” she says looking back on her near-death fall.

She tells The Doctors her whole way of thinking about everything was “re-wired” after the accident. She tells us she has been able to “come a long way” since the accident and says she is less triggered and able to control her emotions better than in the past.

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Her husband and fellow “Vanderpump” co-star Tom Schwartz tells us that he feels the accident caused a strain in their relationship. He says there were instances of her being more easily agitated, hyper-emotional and even more passive aggressive after her fall.

“She was awesome and now she’s more awesome,” Tom says of the progress Katie has been able to make since the accident. See more of Katie and Tom on “Vanderpump Rules” on Mondays at 9 PM on Bravo.