Upset Stomach Medicine Good for Your Face?! a Stainless-Steel Sponge to Replace Antibacterial Soap?

Playing Indigestion Medication Facials & Stainless Steel Soap: Buzz or Bust?

The online beauty world is full of advice, but is it all worthwhile? Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra sets the record straight about a popular pink substance for upset stomachs being used for facial masks! Beauty bloggers are saying it gives the skin a glow, unclogs pores, and will help with acne. The reason for it? The medicine contains salicylic acid which is often in acne remedies as well as bismuth salts that actually do decrease oiliness. However, Dr. Batra says it’s a bust!

While the liquid medicine does have some ingredients common in acne products, it’s not formulated for your face. It can certainly cause reactions. Dr. Batra says there are so many inexpensive, well-formulated products out there meant for the face, there’s no need to go searching in the depths of your medicine cabinet! 

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that any product applied to the skin can get absorbed and if you do it all the time to wide areas of the body, you can absorb enough aspirin (which salicylic acid essentially is) for it to become toxic! Speaking of aspirin, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon asks about that other beauty trend of crushing up aspirin and using it as a power on pimples. Dr. Batra says it’s also a bust because similarly to the stomach medicine, it’s just not formulated for the face and there are so many great options out there that are! 

The next item on the chopping block is a stainless-steel sponge. It’s being touted as a way to remove all odors from garlic to fish smell. Online bloggers are saying it’s an antibacterial and that it can replace antibacterial soaps and gels. Dr. Batra gives it a bust because it's overtouted but there is a caveat. There is good science to show that the ions on the surface of the steel sponge will bond with the sulfites in garlic, so it will help remove the garlic scent from your hands. 

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Dr. Ordon then asks what Dr. Travis calls “officially the weirdest question anyone has ever asked on this show!” Check out the video below to see what that is!

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