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Playing Hack or Wack: Quinoa for Your Face?

Are you looking to get creative with your skincare routine? What about using a superfood, a fork or liquid gold on your face?

The Doctors take a look at some of our most unique approaches to possibly getting better skin and we examine whether a facial using the superfood quinoa -- which is known to be high in protein and fiber -- can also work as a good exfoliator. Find out what dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra thinks about using this trendy food on your face!

Or does your skin need a little pick-me-up? See what The Doctors think about coffee-based skin facial products and whether you can absorb caffeine through the skin.


If food on your face is not your thing, maybe the item used to eat food is! Madonna shared a video of herself getting a facial with a fork, and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains this unique technique is very similar to micro-needling and may be beneficial to the skin


Or could cupping -- an alternative therapy in which glass cups are applied to the skin to create suction and is usually used on the back -- help your face look it's best? The Doctors look into facial cupping, which some are using to plump up their faces.


The Doctors love to glam it up from time to time, but is a liquid gold face treatment going to far? Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra weighs in on whether you should invest in this over-the-top treatment.



Your face might also need some exercise in order to look its best. Check out Dr. Ordon testing a device which claims to help tone your face (and neck) by simply biting down.