Twins Undergo Separate Facial Treatments to Turn Back The Clock Together!

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Playing Twins Undergo Facial Rejuvenations!

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Twins Michelle and Christine share a love of the sun but that damage has taken its toll on their faces. Now, they are visiting two separate surgeons to have slightly different facial rejuvenation treatments in what The Doctors are calling The Great Twinning Experiment."

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Michelle complains of the deep lines in her forehead while Christine dislikes her acne scarring and hopes for her eyelids to "go back to where they belong." "Neither one of us know what the other one's getting so we're both excited to see," shares Christine before their procedures.

The Doctors join both twins as they visit their respective surgeons. First, Michelle visits cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian. He applies a numbing cream to Michelle's face before using fillers. Afterward, he uses a laser beam to remove sun damage and tighten and lift her skin.

Christine heads over to the office of dermatological surgeon Dr. Jason Emer for her procedure. Dr. Emer explains, "We're going to be doing two main procedures today where we resurface the skin fo the face with internal heating of the neck to tighten the skin. Then in a few weeks, we're going to do very minor tweaks using fillers and thread to finetune the volume and lifting so we get overall a full facial rejuvenation."

Christine is put under as Dr. Emer performs micro-liposuction, or he says some people call it, "lunchtime lipo." Then, he uses a plasma device to go under the skin and get the skin to contract itself over the next 3-6 months. He does a resurfacing portion of the procedure to get rid of all the sun damage. Lastly, he does a light neck laser. 

The twins join The Doctors in the studio along with their doctors and wow the audience with their new looks! The twins are thrilled! Michelle says her chiseled features are her favorite thing now! "I feel like it's like buying a new car, over the years the paint gets dull, and I'm shiny again." 

Dr. Ourian explains that chiseling was a result of the ultrasound radiofrequency as well as the fillers. Even her neck looks tighter because the ultrasound of the radiofrequency melts the fat there! He explains as long as Michelle protects her skin it will remain very nice for years to come. With the fillers, depending on the type, they can last for a few months to several years.

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Christine says she is amazed by how smooth, clear and spotless her face looks. Dr. Emer explains with her treatments it takes time for collagen to remodel and for the skin to tighten, so if anything, the results will get even better! Dr. Emer says the internal heating procedure is essentially a permanent treatment and she should see no change if not an improvement for 2-3 years, and then slowly, the aging process takes over. Similar to Michelle, if Christine maintains and protects her face, the results should last along with the help of less expensive and less downtime baby lasers every now and then.

These treatments were no small price! Dr. Ourion says Michelle's cost anywhere from $20 to $40 thousand but he notes patients do not have to get everything done that she had. Dr. Emer says Christine's procedures cost about $50 to $75 thousand, but they used more than an average amount of syringes of filler, and this cost more than surgery because they are procedures with less downtime.

For all of you out there, a simple, easy tip to help your skin now? Use sunscreen! 

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Playing Twins Debut New Looks after Facial Rejuvenation

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