TV Binge-Watching Effects on The Brain

Playing Is Binge-Watching TV Bad for the Brain?

Does watching episode after episode of your favorite television show have negatives effects on your health? The Doctors welcome neurologist Dr. Randall Wright to discuss what happens to the brain when you binge-watch.

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He explains binge-watching accesses a pleasure center in the brain, similar to the feeling when someone gambles. He says when an episode ends on a cliffhanger, we are compelled to continue watching another episode, like when gambling and you almost hit a jackpot. He also says many people will binge-watch late into the night, often choosing to stay up late instead of getting a proper amount of sleep.

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So is there a healthy way to binge-watch? Dr. Wright suggests:

The hosts reveal their favorites shows to binge, which includes "Game of Thrones," "Grace and Frankie," and "How I Met Your Mother." Find who is watching what in the video above!


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