Try These 5 Non-Alcoholic Brands during Dry January

Cheers with drinks

As the new year begins, many join the recent tradition called Dry January by giving up alcoholic beverages for 31 days. While there are plenty of great health reasons to cut back or even eliminate alcohol, find out some of the great benefits that may even happen in the first week of Dry January! 

Our usual methods of staying hydrated is great, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy a craft beverage without the alcohol. You can call them mocktails, virgin drinks, or even boneless drinks, but the options have come a long way from Martinelli's sparkling apple cider and O'Douls.

Here are some of the most popular cocktails, beverages, and aperitifs that have zero alcohol. Each brand focuses on healthy drinks and quality ingredients without any of the negative side-effects of alcohol. 

1. Seedlip

This UK-based brand makes plant-based liquor substitutes with three alcohol-free beverages: the herbal-infused Garden 108, the citrus-flavored Grove 42 and Spice 94 made with allspice and cardamom. Check out a Winter Shandy recipe with Spice 94 here.


2. Ritual Zero Proof

The brand says instead of making a new resolution, why not create a new ritual. Ritual Zero Proof makes three beverages: a Whiskey Alternative, a Gin Alternative, and a Tequila Alternative. Check out the magic apple drink featuring Ritual's whiskey alternative


3. Dhos

Dhos boasts being sugar-free, pesticide-free, low in calories and probably most importantly, alcohol-free as well. Made in Oregon on the Ransom organic farm, the brand produces three cocktails: Dhos Gin Free, Dhos Bittersweet, and Dhos Orange


4. Ariel

While these wines are created using a similar process as traditional wines, they take an extra step to "dealcoholize" them. Ariel is not just alcohol-reduced like some wines, but is actually alcohol-free carries a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Rouge, and White Zinfandel.  


5. Gruvi

Gruvi, who sells Dry January wellness kits on their site, shares they are about creating an inclusive community that is focused on making better choices. They have created a line of mainly beers including non-alcoholic IPA, non-alcoholic Stout, non-alcoholic Pale-Ale, and non-alcoholic Lager. Plus, they have a non-alcoholic Dry Secco and a non-alcoholic bubbly Rose


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