Trisha Paytas, YouTube Star, Opens up about Binge Eating Struggle

Playing Trisha Paytas, Mukbang Star, Has Always Struggled with Binge Eating

YouTube star Trisha Paytas opens up to The Doctors about her ongoing struggle with binge eating. (*At the time of this interview, Trisha still used the pronoun, she and her)

Trisha, who has over 6 million subscribers, says, even going back to being a child, the future social media star would not eat or eat very little during the week and then would binge eat all weekend. "I don't know why I can't control it. I don't know if its self-sabotage. I don't know if there is something mentally wrong, but I just really can't control it," the star says.

On Trisha's YouTube channel, the personality frequently posts Mukbang videos, where Trisha is seen eating large amounts of food, something ER physician Dr. Travis Stork feels may be glorifying a possible health issue. Trisha says she is not glorifying binge eating and says she does not consume all the food she is seen eating.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shares with Trisha that she is concerned that doing Mukbang videos (and the barrage of negative comments from users about the star's appearance and weight) may be triggering Trisha's eating disorder and asks how the YouTube star is developing a healthy relationship with food. Trisha is currently in therapy and going 3 times per week, along with attending group therapy.

"I have never felt better than I do," Trisha tells The Doctors. "I am getting better for sure."

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Trisha adds that she does not think negative comments from users are a trigger and tells us she has worked for years on her eating disorder and worries that she may never be able to get it under control. Despite this, Trisha explains she plans to continue with her therapy and working on improving her life and her relationship with food.

Get more from The Doctors interview with the YourTube star, including Trisha's transgender announcement and the backlash the social media star received.


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