Treatment for Woman Suffering from Painful Sex

Playing Treatment to Alleviate Woman’s Painful Intercourse

Earlier this season The Doctors met Melissa, who was suffering from painful intercourse after a hysterectomy. Melissa shared that it was taking a toll on her marriage. She was introduced to Dr. David Ghozland, who offered to perform his Intimate Renewal procedure on Melissa to treat the issue. 

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The Doctors go inside the operating room as Melissa is put under local anesthesia to have Dr. Ghozland perform the in-office procedure. Dr. Ghozland explains Melissa first has blood draw to be used for PRP injections later on. Then, he inserts an intravaginal laser into her to improve lubrication and the integrity of her tissue. After he uses a radiofrequency needle to create two diamond-sized incisions for painless insertion. Lastly, he injections PRP, or as he calls it, “liquid gold,” into her to help with healing and strengthening the tissue.

Melissa shares that recovery was a bit uncomfortable for one to two weeks but at eight weeks, she was able to be intimate with her husband for the first time in a long time. She acknowledges the emotional toll the experience leading up to this surgery has taken on her and her husband and she says it’s a mental challenge for both of them to get back to a healthy sex life.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry notes painful sex, technically known as dyspareunia, is not uncommon in women. Three out of four women will experience painful sex at one point in their life. If this is a reoccurring issue, The Doctors urge you to seek help, because there are treatment options, like this one, out there! 

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