Travis Stork Show: Reverend Bernie Dorsey on Black Lives Matter Movement vs. 'All Lives Matter' Belief

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork is joined the Reverend Bernie Dorsey to discuss a wide range of topics regarding the current fight for racial equality and justice, and they address how some have responded to the Black Lives Matter movement with "all lives matter."

"We as Black people in this country, simply want to be seen and respected as equal human beings with other people who don't have our skin color," Reverend Dorsey -- Dr. Travis' good friend and former college roommate -- says during their candid conversation. 

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Dr. Travis asks how Reverend Dorsey responds to criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement, bringing up how some individuals respond to the call for justice with "all lives matter."

"We know that all lives matter, but if you look at just the empirical data of who it is that dies at the hands of police in this country the overwhelming majority are Black men... if all lives matter then that wouldn't be the case," he explains, noting the astounding and alarming statistics related to the death of minorities by police.

Reverend Dorsey tells Travis that he feels we are at a pivotal crossroads in our history sharing that how we move forward will involve each of us doing the important and often difficult work that many have been ignoring.

"The questions everyone has to ask themselves is when you find that character flaw or that issue, do you really want to change? Do you want to be better? Or, are you comfortable with who you are and how things are? And I think a lot of people don't necessarily want to change. This is one of those penetrating questions of the heart that people have to ask themselves and be honest about," he adds.

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Listen to the entire episode of The Travis Stork Show with Reverend Dorsey including his perspective on what it's like to live in America as a black man raising 2 sons and how even he does not feel safe running outside. Also, they delve into our country's subtle racism issue and they discuss the difference between racism and prejudice.

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