Travis Stork Chats with a Reverend about What It Is Like to Face Death

Travis and Karl Travis

Travis sits down with his friend and mentor Reverend Karl Travis, who is suffering from a pulmonary disorder and a severe blood-clotting disease to get his unique insights during this unprecedented time. The reverend shares that COVID-19 is really giving people a "spiritual shakedown" to think about what really matters to them. Throughout the episode, he shares key lessons on how he stays positive and why being kind matters most of all.

Reverend Karl says that 8 years ago his health began to fail and he had time to adjust to the fact that this might be a life-ending illness for him. In 2018, the reverend was given one year to live, and he shares that time to get ready is an enormous gift, but the time also shows you how you should have been living the whole time. 

Travis asks him what he wants his kids to remember about him ten years from now, and he admits he can't help but think about his own legacy. He shares that he hopes his kids take their religious faith seriously, and they continue his fight to end homelessness, but most of all he just wants to be remembered as a kind man. 

Check out more great insights from Reverend Karl Travis as he shares great perspectives on how to look at life and what happens after in the full episode here