Travis Stork and Country Singer Chase Rice Talk Following His Passion for Music

Chase Rice
Chase Rice

Travis Stork welcomes singer-songwriter Chase Rice to the podcast to discuss his journey from NASCAR pit crew member, to "Survivor" contestant to following his passion for country music.

After injuries sidelined his football dreams, Chase landed a job in NASCAR but tells Travis he didn't quite fit in and felt as though he was not doing what made him most happy. After spending his days working on the race track, he would spend his nights writing songs. "I loved it right away, I wasn't very good but I enjoyed it... as soon as I got that bug to record and write songs I loved it right away," he shares.

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A chance connection led to Chase appearing on "Survivor: Nicaragua" in 2010 and he tells Travis he was not a fan of the show or had ever really watched the hit CBS reality competition series, but on a whim, he auditioned and made it all the way to the end as the season's runner-up.

"Survivor" has not been Chase's only stint on reality TV. Just recently he appeared on "The Bachelor" to promote his music and he tells Travis that he was left feeling like reality TV is "kind of a sick way to go about life." He explains he's not referring to the reality TV personalities or contestants as "sick," but the "process and the way people are treated and made to look" while filming it. "It's not my cup of tea," he adds.

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Find why Chase was left with a bad taste for reality TV after his recent appearance on "The Bachelor." more on his love life, his love for country music and how he was able to find success doing what he loves most -- on the full episode of "The Travis Stork Show" podcast


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