Transformed after Nightmare Lap Band!

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Playing Woman Overcomes Her Lap Band Nightmare?

Earlier this season, The Doctors met Angela, who after struggling with her weight for years, got a gastric band. In the first year, she lost 99 pounds, but only a year and a half into having her band, problems arose and she began to lose an extreme amount of weight.

“The band ended up twisting around and took my stomach with it,” she says, explaining the band was removed.

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Following her lap band issues, she says she was able to keep the weight off through diet and exercise but was left with excess loose skin. She underwent surgery with plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Sieveking and Dr. Jeffrey Claiborne, who removed the skin, performed liposuction and also a breast lift and augmentation.

Post-surgery she tells us, “It’s crazy how different it is. My brain hasn’t quite caught up yet… I tried on a bikini for the first time!”

Dr. Sieveking explains that before the surgery, they put Angela through a battery of test to make sure she was healthy, including a nutritional test and a food sensitivity test. Dr. Sieveking says she scored nearly perfect, which he credits to how well she takes care of her body.

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Dr. Claiborne says Angela’s stunning transformation was achieved with the SAFELipo technique, which involves one step to liquefy fat for a more precise fat removal followed by a smoothing out step to address any leftover lumps. The plastic surgeon says he has seen better results using this technique compared to traditional lipo which only involves the suctioning of fat.

“They have turned me into the most cocky person ever. I can’t stay out of the mirrors,” Angela says of her newfound confidence following her surgery.