Transform Your Waistline with Dr. Ian Smith's 'The Clean 20'

Playing 'The Clean 20' Baked Apple Oatmeal Cup Recipe

The Doctors are joined by Dr. Ian Smith, whose new book and program “The Clean 20,” aims to transform your body in just 20 days with 20 foods.

He says his goal is to reduce the number of processed foods people consume and shares that the average amount of weight lost on the program is 10 pounds in just 20 days.* He also says energy levels, sleep and skin can also improve.

"It's really about hitting that reset button to get yourself going again," Dr. Smith says, explaining the program allows people to select 20 foods from a long list to incorporate into your diet, which even includes some carbs and sauces.

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He shares his recipes for his "Baked Apple Oatmeal Cup," "Chicken Salad," and "Proteinaceous Salmon Pasta." Get the recipes, here!

*Results vary