Transform Your Chin and Jawline in 5 Minutes?!

Playing 5-Minute Non-Surgical Chin Transformation!

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi is in the procedure room with his patient, Tina, to perform a live nonsurgical chin augmentation to give Tina that perfect profile and jawline she craves! Dr. Karimi explains this is called the ALMI procedure because the implants use all of your own fat and blood platelets.

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Earlier in the day, Dr. Karimi harvested some of Tina’s stubborn belly fat to use for her chin implant. After the fat was harvested it was mixed with a concentrate of Tina’s blood platelets and then placed into a blunt cannula before being injected into her face. Dr. Karimi has used some lidocaine to numb the area and has marked off where he wants to inject her.

Using this blunt cannula as opposed to a needle lessens the likelihood of injury to tissue as well as accidentally injecting blood vessels. The Doctors ask about side effects and Dr. Karimi explains while there is always a chance of infection, it’s very unlikely. Bruising is also a possibility but again, with the blunt cannula, not likely to happen.

The procedure is more customizable than the standard method of using a chin implant which has a rigid shape, and it should last longer since it’s your own blood and fat. The cost ranges depending on the area, but for a chin, using local anesthesia the costs can be anywhere from $3500-4500. If you were to do 1 cc of a filler like Restylane or Juvederm, that alone can cost $800-1000 and only lasts a year. For Tina, Dr. Karimi is using about 10 cc which is equivalent to 10 syringes of filler.

Later in the show, Tina returns to show off her results. Even she gasps at seeing her new side profile. Check out her reveal in the video below. 

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