Top Five Most Impressive Weight Loss Stories from 2018

Playing See Man’s Stunning Transformation after 400-Pound Weight Loss

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

The Doctors invite inspiring guests to share their weight loss stories. With each one told, The Doctors encourage viewers that if you're overweight or obese, it's never too late to get healthier. You too can lose the weight!

Darin grew up constantly being bullied and turned to food to ease his pain. After an incident where he fell off his chair and his heart stopped, Darin decided to transform his life! Darin joins The Doctors after his 400-pound weight loss and skin removal surgery.

Jessica was overweight her entire life and was a self-proclaimed veggie-hater! When Jessica realized she was sick of being overweight, she hit the gym and found ways to finally incorporate vegetables into her diet. After only one year, Jessica lost 170 pounds! She shares a veggie-packed recipe that helped her lose the weight.

The Doctors met Zach, who lost more than half his body weight! He ate as a child to cope with his brother's leukemia diagnosis. An embarrassing moment at an amusement park where Zach couldn't fit on the ride, coupled with his father's heart attack, was Zach's breaking point. He joins The Doctors to share how he lost the weight.

Erika was nearly 400 pounds when she was diagnosed with a host of illnesses. Additionally, she was in an abusive relationship. With lots of hard work, Erica turned her life around and lost over 220 pounds! The Doctors go inside the operating room to see Erica's skin removal surgery. 

When The Doctors did their special weight loss episode this year, they saved the most jaw-dropping story for last: Fred, who lost 570 pounds! Fred was almost 800 pounds at his heaviest and from a hospital bed suffering from congestive heart failure, Fred decided he wanted to live. Check out Fred, now!