Toned Abs from a Lymphatic Massage?

Playing Can a Massage Help Define Your Abs?

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Elle Macpherson, and Bella Hadid reportedly credit lymphatic massage for helping them get toned abs, and The Doctors put the popular massage to the test.

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Massage therapist Camila Perez joins us with guest Kelly, who gets the special massage to find out if it can help tighten the abs and combat bloat in just an hour. Camila says the contouring motions of the massage can help with water weight and cause the abdomen to look more defined.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains the body's lymphatic system is "sorta like a gutter to collect stuff you want to get rid of." Dr. Odron also notes this type of massage can be helpful following surgery and can be a very powerful tool to help with the healing process. 

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Find out the results of Kelly's lymphatic massage in the video below!



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