Tips for Whiny Kids and Backseat Bickering

Playing How to Handle Whiny Kids

The Doctors welcome parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa to share tips on whiny kids, fighting in the backseat and how to best handle a child's curfew.

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How to Handle Whiny Kids: Dr. Gilboa feels that kids need to learn how to ask for what they want in a polite voice, without sarcasm and snark. She also suggests having kids ask for something they want in a whisper, which she says can also help alleviate the whining. She notes that just because they ask for something in a nice way does not mean the answer has to be yes.

How to Stop Backseat Bickering: She says when her kids bicker, they get one warning and if it continues, she will pull the car over safely and then proceed to do something that might embarrass them, like make out with her husband or sing at the top of her lungs. She says this tactic works wonders to stop the bickering.

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How to Handle Curfew Complaints: Dr. Gilboa says curfews can be used by kids to earn their parent's trust. She suggests creating a written contract with the stipulations of the curfew and the agreed upon consequences for when they miss curfew. She says this will help parents eliminate having to come up with a punishment in the midst of worrying about when their child will be home and it will teach kids valuable lessons about how life is full of consequences.