Tips to Prevent Heartburn

Playing Heartburn: Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

If you're suffering from heartburn, you are not alone! The Doctors explain that over 40 percent of Americans deal with it as well, including plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon.

Dr. Ordon explains in your stomach there is digested food, stomach acids, and enzymes, which can all be very acidic. If you eat something that aggravates your digestive system, it can cause your stomach to flare up and the contents can travel into your esophagus can cause that burning feeling.

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The Doctors note that longterm heartburn can cause changes to the lining of your esophagus and they suggest these tips to potentially avoid getting heartburn.

Wait to lie down after eating: They suggest staying active after having a meal and recommend an activity like taking a walk after dinner.

Eat smaller meals: They say avoiding big meals at night can also help to cut down on heartburn incidents.

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Be conscious of trigger foods: The Doctors explain that spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol can also cause heartburn for certain people.

Sleep with your body slightly elevated: They suggest using a wedge pillow at night can help cut down on your heartburn.