Tips to Manage Medical Debt

Playing How to Manage Your Medical Debt

The Doctors discuss how to best handle mounting financial debt that can come with medical bills with Chris Hogan, who wrote the book, “Retire Inspired.”  He shares his checklist that could help you stay on top of debt and not let it spiral.

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Open the mail: He says do not let the mail stack up and not to ignore those bills and notices. He also notes that sometimes a bill is sent before the insurance has covered the charge

Keep good records: He suggests keeping a copy of everything you are sent in the mail and keep diligent notes after talking to the insurance company. He also suggests determining which is a real charge and ones you will be responsible for and those which might be covered by your insurance.

Negotiate your bills: He says if you are told that your bill will be given over to a collection agency that you can possibly negotiate. He says it is possible to work out a payment plan with certain medical facilities.

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More financial tips can be found in his book, “Retire Inspired.” An update on Chris’ son, Case who is battling Hunter Syndrome, can be found here. Plus, enter for your chance to win a copy of "Retire Inspired," here!