Tips to Look Sexy and Fresh after a Long Flight

Playing Easy Ways to Look ‘Jet Set Sexy’ While Traveling

Most of us feel pretty icky after a long flight but is there a way to step off the plane “runway” ready? Global glam expert, Shalini Vadhera joins The Doctors and shares these 3 tips on how to do just that!

Tip 1: Make a Skin-Hydrating Spray

Shalini was inspired by the floral sprays of Paris for this DIY creation. Take fresh rose petals and hot water and add them to a TSA-approved 3 oz. spray bottle. Once on the plane, ask for a small bottle of vodka, but do not drink it! Add one tablespoon of vodka, which acts as a toner, to the spritzer. Use this spray to hydrate your skin throughout the flight and during take-off and landing. “It’s like a rose garden!” exclaims plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon!

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Tip 2: Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are having a moment and Shalini recommends bringing some along for your flight. Shalini says, “I look like a freak but I don’t really care because it makes my skin look amazing!” Put the mask on an hour before landing, right over your makeup. Rub the excess mask onto your hands, décolletage and neck to hydrate all over.

Tip 3: In Your Make-up Bag: Shimmering Lotion, Blue Eyeliner and Lotion

Shalini calls these items her secret weapons! She recommends getting a shimmer highlighting lotion in either bronze or white, and applying it to areas where the sun would hit.

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Shalini says adding blue eyeliner to the waterline of your eyes creates an optical illusion that makes the whites of your eyes look brighter. Just make sure to get a light, not dark, blue color liner.

Lastly, upon landing, Shalini adds just a bit of regular lotion to the ends of her hair, to seal in the cuticles.