Tips to Keep Your Glasses Fog-Free While Wearing a Face Mask

Fogged up glasses

Wearing a face mask and glasses at the same time is not easy, but it is important to stop the spread of coronavirus. Check out these tips on how to keep your eyewear fog-free while protecting yourself from the virus.



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BBC News suggests trying "the tuck, tissue or soapy water methods" to stop your glasses from fogging up.

Tuck: Do not place your glasses behind your face mask and instead tuck the mask under your eyewear, this should cut down on fogging.

Tissue: Create a barrier from the moisture coming out of your mask with a tissue taped to the top of your mask.

Soap: Try washing your glasses in soapy water to create a thin layer that should help to keep them from fogging up.

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The Doctors also suggest making sure your mask fits snuggly around your nose and we love these nose bridge strips with adhesive that will ensure your mask fits better and can help keep moisture off your glasses. Also, considering using anti-fog spray on your eyewear for a streak-free finish -- and it will also clean your glasses.

Need more help with wearing a mask? The Doctors have you covered! Find out tips on how to stay cool while wearing a face mask and also find out if you are wearing your mask the wrong way and possibly putting yourself and others in danger.

As always, we stress the importance of continuing to follow all COVID-19 prevention guidelines: social distancing, routine and frequent handwashing, the cleaning of high touch surfaces, avoiding people who are sick, and if you are experiencing COVID symptoms or believe you have been exposed, contact your doctor or healthcare provider about getting tested. Find out more information about local COVID-19 testing in your area, including free testing.

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