Tips to Deal with Bloating

Playing Drs. Rx: Anti-Bloat Tea?

Nobody enjoys feeling bloated, but unfortunately, it can happen to all of us. Check out some of The Doctors favorite tips on how to de-bloat and find out why you might be feeling too full or gassy.

Could sipping tea help you to feel less bloated? The Doctors sample a tea with green tea, fennel seeds, cumin, and peppermint, which can all help with digestion. Could a calming cup of tea at the end of your day help your digestion? Get the recipe, here.

Find out the reported way that actress Jennifer Lawernce de-bloats before she hits the red carpet -- it's simple and involves soaking in a tub!


Not having a bowel movement for a week might cause someone to feel bloated. Find out what the panel has to say about not going to the bathroom for this long and if it is normal or something to be concerned about.


If you feeling gassy and bloated, might be due to what you eating. Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez shares some simple lifestyle change tips that may help you combat this uncomfortable feeling.


The Doctors discuss the case of a man who might have felt more bloated than anyone else ever! After 22 years of constipation, doctors removed almost 30-pounds of waste from his body. Find out how this happened.