Tips to Avoid Summer Hair Damage

Playing How to Avoid Summer Hair Damage

The best parts of the summer – being outdoors and in the water – can wreak havoc on your hair!

The Doctors welcome celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Antin to share his tips on how to make your hair look its best all summer long.

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Stop chlorine absorption: Jonathan explains that chlorine can cause split ends and breakage and suggests wetting your hair with tap water to slow down your hair from absorbing the chemical.

Be gentle with wet hair: Jonathan tells us it might seem natural to use a top-knot while going in the water, but explains that a ponytail with a rubber band can cause breakage. He suggests using a detangler and opting for a loose braid, which will be more gentle on the hair.

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Boost your keratin with a treatment: He says this treatment, which can act as a shield against humidity, will help smooth frizzy hair. He notes that too much time in the sun can deplete your hair’s natural-occurring keratin.

Get a haircut: He tells us that if your hair already has split ends that the sun and warm weather water could make it even worse. But if you address those split end issues before summer, your hair will endure the season much better.