Tips for Success with Areva Martin

Playing How to ‘Make It Rain’ Success and Purpose in Your Life

Doctors frequent guest legal analyst and child advocate Areva Martin joins the panel to discuss her book, "Make It Rain."

"This book is really about how to find your voice and amplify that voice," she says, explaining she wrote the book in order to share what she has learned becoming an advocate for her son who has autism. She says the book can help families with kids who have special needs, small business owners trying to grow their business and anyone who has a message they want to share.

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 Areva, who is often outspoken on our panel, reveals she was once "selectively mute." She tells The Doctors that during college she felt shamed by another student because of the way she spoke. She says she simply stopped talking for an entire semester. She says she transformed how she spoke and presented herself following that incident.

"I want people to know that you shouldn't be judged by the community you come from or where you start. It's not about where you start it's where you finish," she says.

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She explains she developed her confidence by tapping into her passions. She feels if you are able to access your own passion and then connect with others who identify with your message that it can lead to success. She suggests using social media as one tool for connecting with others who share a similar passion.