Tips for Dealing with a Child's Tantrum

Playing Help Me with My Daughter’s Tantrums

The Doctors help a mom who says her daughter has been throwing tantrums recently.

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Adriana says she is afraid of being too tough on her 4-year-old daughter, but she also does not want to be too easy and says she worries about "turning her into a total brat." The mom says the tantrums occur when her daughter does not get her way, including what to eat, what to watch and what to play with.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho -- who say that developmentally tantrums can be very normal -- suggests these tips to deal with the outbursts:

  • Separate the child from anything they are trying to get during the tantrum
  • Use a calm voice to the child during the tantrum and resist the urge to also get emotional as she says it will allow for the child to better understand what to do if you are also calm
  • Create consequences especially if the child hits during the tantrum and she suggests taking priveledges
  • Model and teach good coping skills like deep breathing or using a stress ball in times of frustrations