Tips on Calming Your Unruly, Wild and Whiny Child

Playing Tips to Calm Your "Wild Child"

Children are (usually) the joy of a parent's life -- but what about those less-than-joyful moments when your (usually) lovable little one is acting out? The Doctors are here with numerous tips, approaches, and ideas on how to bring a little peace to your kid-chaos.

Is the answer to your child acting up an aromatherapy spray? Two Doctors staffers put the spray -- which claims to help calm down kids -- with their little ones, See if their children were able to chill out after using "Chill Child."


Do you feel like there are times when your toddler is out of control? Hear what parenting expert and author Dr. Robin Berman suggests to mom a who feels her 4-year-old is hard to contain at times.


Possibly one of the most difficult habits to correct is whining and complaining. The Doctors call on parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa, who shares a foolproof trick she swears by that just might curb your cracky kid.


Dr. Gilboa also shares her tips that could make your time spent in the car with children much more enjoyable.


Could your child's unruly moments be helped with a zen approach? The Doctors discuss how a Wisconsin school has swapped detention with meditation and has had amazing results.


And, The Doctors haven't overlooked those who are parents to little ones of the 4-legged variety! Our pets have their unruly moments as well, and we called on veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan to share tips on what to do when a fight breaks out with your dogs.