Three Tools to Calm Your Child (And Your) Anxiety

Playing Child Anxiety – How to Ease a Worried Child

Author of children’s book “No Biggy!” Elycia Rubin joins The Doctors to share three toys that can help kids ease anxiety. One in eight children actually suffer from anxiety and Elycia attributes this to pressures from parents, school, and parent’s transferring their own stress onto their kids. Elycia says it’s helpful to find ways to incorporate play into managing stress and frustration and these three fidget toys do just that!

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1. The Tangle
This toy allows you to swirl and reshape it in different ways. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says “It’s almost like a newer, less stressful version of the Rubik’s Cube.” Elycia says it’s very soothing and she does it while she watches television.

2. Putty
This moldable compound is now being given to some kids in school to help increase their attention span as well as soothe them. The Doctors equate it to slime which has become a big trend today. Dr. Ordon says the feel is similar to breast implants – the soothing toys he plays with!

3. Water Painting Board
This board is great for parents because there is no mess. Simply use water to paint onto this board and once the water dries, the painting disappears. 

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Dr. Travis points out that these three toys are all perfect representations of active meditation. They are helpful not only to kids but also adults!

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