Three Tips to Fit Sex Into Your TV-Watching Schedule!

Playing Tips for Couples Who Stream Content Instead of Having Sex

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

"There are more good shows on right now than at any time in the history of television and it's always right there," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. The problem is, all of this available content is negatively affecting our sex lives! Dr. Travis asks psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major, who joins on Skype, what can we do?

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Dr. Ish offers three tips to get sex back on the schedule:

Tip #1: Shift back your schedule. 
Adjust your schedule one hour back to allow time for both the binge and what comes after the binge! This way, you can fit it all in.

Tip #2: Agree to joint binge-watching.
Watch shows as a couple at the same time, on the same device. Dr. Ish says anything couples do together can help keep them connected.

Tip #3: Declare the bedroom a tech-free zone.
Train your brain to understand that when in the bedroom you are doing one of two things. “We’re either sleeping or we’re sexing,” says Dr. Ish.

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Bonus tip from Travis: get busy in the morning! Or, don’t forget about the afternoon delight, adds Dr. Ordon! 

Dr. Travis asks Dr. Ish if there is a specific type of series to watch with your partner which may bring people together. 

Dr. Ish says watching porn together is actually great and recommended for couples. He suggests having a conversation about it prior so both partners are on the same page and understand that this is just a tool to help make their sex life better. If that is too much, he suggests watching anything with babies or food because this subconsciously triggers the chemical oxytocin, which makes you feel more connected. 

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