Three Must-Buy Beauty Products for under $10!

Playing Beauty Game-Changers under $10!

Senior investigative producer Leslie Marcus has three inexpensive tools that she found to be beauty game changers! Leslie invites three women to test out these products to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Wet Brush
Nikka suffers from coarse hair that easily tangles! Leslie found a detangling brush that works on both wet or dry hair. She tested it out herself and says it shaved off about 30 minutes of her beauty routine. Nikka runs a regular paddle brush through one side of her hair and the brush gets stuck! On the other side, Nikka tries out the wet paddle brush which slides right through!

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Leslie explains this brush has softer bristles which move with the hair shaft. It also has vents on the back which if blow-drying, reduces the overall time. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says these vents are such a clever idea because overbrushing can damage the hair. She adds if you have straighter, finer hair, it’s a great brush to use when wet. For more curly or kinky hair, it’s better to brush when dry because it’s less damaging.

Eyelash Applicator 
This tool makes putting on false lashes a whole lot easier! Six dollars gets you two of these gripping tools. Sarah demonstrates using her fingers to apply one strip of false lashes and the result is slightly crooked. With the applicator tool, Sarah is able to easily apply the second strip of lashes to her other eye. Dr. Batra notes the applicator is not pointy like a tweezer which women sometimes try and use to get lashes on. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon agrees saying, “You don’t want pointy forceps coming toward your eyes!”

Peach Fuzz Remover
Leslie found single blades that are disposable and for less than five dollars, remove that pesky peach fuzz so many women have on their faces. Kodi is one such woman, and she tries the tool out. Leslie points out this is a great alternative to waxing! Dr. Batra chimes in that dermaplaning, which uses a tool like this to remove peach fuzz, is a hot trend in beauty. 

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Dermaplaning not only buffs off the peach fuzz but also the dull, dry outer layer of skin. She says it's meant to be really exfoliating making the skin a great canvas for makeup and other beauty products. Dr. Batra recommends doing it about once every couple of weeks. Doing this is superior to using a razor because it’s a safer option with a lot fewer nicks, tears and fissures in the skin which can be great sources of bacteria. 

Dr. Ordon asks if dermaplaning the skin encourages more hair to grow back and to come back thicker. Dr. Batra says that is actually a complete myth! It may feel a bit stubbly if the hair is cut at a blunt angle but removing peach fuzz is not affecting the follicle root which is down in your hair.