Three Foods You Should Be Keeping in the Fridge but Probably Aren't!

Corn on the cob, bowl of dried apricots, bowl of mixed nuts
Corn on the cob, bowl of dried apricots, bowl of mixed nuts

Throwing away food that has gone bad is throwing away cash, so wouldn't you love to find out how to keep your food lasting longer? The Doctors share three foods you should move into the refrigerator for lasting freshness.

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The unsaturated fat in nuts can spoil more quickly, ruining the nuts' flavor, if you leave it in the pantry. Moving nuts into the fridge will also keep those insects away. Nuts will last for a few months in the pantry but some say they will last for up to a year if refrigerated!

Dried Fruit
Dried fruit can be stored at room temperature but it will actually stay softer and longer in the refrigerator.

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Corn on the Cob
Pre-BBQ, store that corn in the refrigerator to retain it's sweetness longer. Apparently, corn on the cob loses a lot of its sugar content if stored at room temperature.

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Playing Where You Store Food in Your Refrigerator Matters

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