Thigh Skin Removal Transformation for Man Who Lost 570 Pounds

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Playing Thighplasty for Man Who Lost a Record 570 Pounds

Fred first came to The Doctors in April of 2018 after losing 570 pounds through diet and exercise alone, making him He the biggest weight loss guest in the show’s history.

Fred struggled with obesity his whole life and felt like a prisoner in his own body. Fred weighed almost 800 pounds and was hospitalized for weeks with congestive heart failure. He was knocking on death's door when he decided that wanted to live.

Fred began his incredible weight loss journey and lost an astonishing 570 pounds. "I have a massive amount of tissue. I mean, everywhere," Fred shares after losing that much weight.

Dr. Roger Bassin did the skin removal surgery to address Fred's chest, and he took off a record-breaking 17 pounds of excess skin. Fred shares after that surgery he had improved mobility allowing him to be able to do things like ride a bicycle. But, Dr. Bassin and his team were not done. Up next? Fred’s legs.

In October of 2021, Fred underwent thighplasty with Dr. Adam Kinal at the Bassin Center to remove the excess skin on his upper legs. Removing the skin will help his mobility and the quality of his life.

Watch as his surgical team removes the skin and check out the remarkable before and after of Fred's legs.

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