Is There a Biological Reason Why Men Don't Get Attached?

Playing Is It Possible to Not Get Attached in a ‘Friends with Benefits’ Situation?

The Doctors answer a viewer question from a woman who asks why she gets attached so easily during a "friends with benefits" situation and she wants to know why it seems men are able to "check out" so easily.

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Psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major tells us that the area of the brain that processes deep emotional connections is the amygdala and he says men are not able to quickly access that part of the brain in the same way that women are.

He continues explaining this leads some women to form connections faster than men, but he notes women are able to "get out of those feelings" faster as well.

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Dr. Ish suggests asking yourself this question instead, "How do I pick a partner who I am just as comfortable with when it's time to get into their bed, as I will be when it's time to get out."