The Work-From-Home Essentials Needed for Optimal Health

Work from home

Now that working-from-home is the new normal for many of us, it is time to transform your workspace and The Doctors have a list of items you need for optimal health while remote working.

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In the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, you probably made do with what you (kitchen table, dining room chair, and your laptop), but with remote working likely continuing into the foreseeable future, it is time to optimize your workspace and ensure that your work area is not negatively affecting your health.

Avoid back pain: Is your back hurting or has your posture taken a turn since working from your house? You might need a new desk. An adjustable workstation that transforms from sitting to standing, can help you get on your feet more throughout the day, which can benefit your aching back and correct that not-so-ideal posture. 

Sit up straight: Sitting all day is not ideal, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Instead of using a chair not meant for extended periods of sitting, consider investing in an ergonomic and adjustable chair (this highly-rated chair claims to "fit the natural curve of the lower back and take the pain of spinal away from your body") that can best suit your body. Or, this lumbar support pillow can transform your existing chair and is a bestseller which over 8000 positive reviews.

Rest your eyes: Looking at the computer for too long in the office was not recommended -- and chances are you're now doing it on a smaller screen on your laptop. Give your eyes a break and consider investing in a bigger second monitor (this option comes in numerous sizes and has over 5000 glowing reviews). A second monitor will help you better multitask and possibly stop you from squinting at that small laptop screen.

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Stay hydrated: Are you drinking enough water while working from home? The Doctors love these colorful BPA-free water bottle options, which are highly recommend and this water bottle will help inspire you to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Ease your dry skin: To help keep your skin moisturized and feeling great, this USB mini humidifier (which will fit on your desk) is available as a cute cactus, a sweet deer, or an adorable bunny and it will help with dry skin no matter if it is summer or winter.


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