The Travis Stork Show: Why You Should Be Mad about the Broken Healthcare System

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Playing Americans Pay the Most for Healthcare for the Privilege of Dying Younger?

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Brad Spellberg joins Dr. Travis Stork to share about his new book, "Broken, Bankrupt and Dying - How to Solve the Great American Healthcare Rip-Off." Dr. Travis shares he was so moved by this book and he and Dr. Spellberg breakdown the myths of our current healthcare system. They start by exposing the fact that America has the worst healthcare outcomes for a developed country and we spend the most on medicine by far. Both Travis and Dr. Spellberg think it's time to admit that the system is absolutely broken. 

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Dr. Spellberg shares that not only are patients and families suffering, but also so are doctors and nurses. Burnout rates in our medical system are incredibly high. He shares that we need to come up with a better system that costs less money and delivers better outcomes for the American people.

There is a huge lack of transparency in medical pricing and Dr. Travis shares, "We should all be pissed off." Why do we have the most expensive healthcare system in the world? Dr. Spellberg shares that the current system in the U.S. is based on fee for service, meaning that doctors are incentivized to do more things to patients, and therefore the system works better when patients are sick. There are better models that pay doctors and incentivize them to keep people healthy. 

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Dr. Travis admits that he's seen doctors succeed and be promoted who learn how to game the billing system and order tests for patients that make the doctor and hospital more revenue. 

So where do we go from here? The first step is acknowledging the problem, but there is hope for the future. Dr. Spellberg thinks it's incredibly important that we act on a new system now, sharing that this is the moment. He admits that people have been trying to fix the system for 40 years, but that global coronavirus pandemic, "has stripped the veneer of civility away from our healthcare system, and exposed the rot within." He thinks the upcoming election is the time to act.

Check out their entire candid conversation about healthcare and the pay for fee system we currently have.