The Travis Stork Show: What Is Your Noble Cause?

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Playing Dare to Live a Better Life with Dr. Travis Stork

Dr. Travis Stork was listening to another podcast with guest John Scully, former CEO of Apple, and it inspired Travis. John shared that a lot of the people who worked with like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a noble cause that was driving their work. As a new father, Dr. Travis admits that he's been thinking about his life and his purpose a lot. He shares that ultimately a noble cause is what drove him to become a doctor. 

At 48, Travis shares he's thinking about what his long term purpose is. Travis admits that he's even wondering if being a doctor is actually that noble, because the American health care system is not noble. 

Travis shares that just being a father is not noble, but being a good father is. He shares that he's been consumed by thinking about what he's going to do moving forward, and how can he get his son Grayson to engage in noble causes. If we just keep doing what we're doing and there is no real noble cause behind it, then we burn out. 

What is your noble cause? Travis shares it's easier than ever to make a difference. What will Travis' next noble cause be? He shares he doesn't know, but we will be the first to know. Listen to the entire episode of The Travis Stork Show.