The Travis Stork Show: Brad Ludden on the Power of Nature When Battling Cancer

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Playing The Travis Stork Show: Pro Kayaker Brad Ludden and Healing with Nature

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork welcomes professional kayaker Brad Ludden, who created the organization First Descents, which provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults who have impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions, and they discuss how getting out in nature can help with our health.

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Travis and Brad dive deep into how the power of adventure and being outdoors helps to bring young adults with cancer together to create community while also providing positive experiences in the midst of something so scary and isolating. Brad notes there have been studies that show participating in outdoor activities -- like those provided by First Descents -- help to alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, and alienation -- all things many young adults with cancer and other serious illnesses deal with.  

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Brad notes for many people who are battling a serious disease like cancer, getting outside is not seen as a priority, and he hopes to change that for people who medically able to leave their homes.

"Being in nature is a necessity," the kayaker tells Travis, discussing the concept of "vitamin N" (ensuring you get ample and adequate time out in nature) and sharing how he feels we should seek nature out and make it a part of our daily lives. He says anyone can make nature a part of their life regardless of where they live, noting that simply getting fresh air or walking in the park can have positive effects on our daily lives, and especially for those who are dealing with serious health issues like cancer.

Find out how you can donate to First Descents, here and enjoy the entire episode of The Travis Stork Show with Brad and hear their entire discussion about First Descents' mission to help bring nature to those who need it the most.